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Just For Our Youth

The Riverdale Youth Council (RYC) was founded by City Councilman Kenny Ruffin providing young people an Kenneth Ruffin.pngopportunity to participate in community service, youth advocacy and civic engagement. 

The Youth Council’s mission is “Contributing to our community by influencing change through effective partnerships, collaborations, service and leadership”. This mission is accomplished in three ways: 

v Bringing a youthful image to the community in service and 

v Connecting with government by offering the perspective of young 
   adults to the legislative process. 

v Building collaboration with non-profit, corporate and government
   organizations in an effort to share and learn innovative ways to serve
   the community. 

Youth Council members are highly recommended by their schools and community and each brings a desire to serve, a propensity to lead, and academic success. 

Membership provides:

  • Leadership development Clean Riverdale 1.jpg
  • Participation at leadership conferences
  • Community Service experience
  • Career preparation
  • Networking with peers and business professionals
  • Youth Advocacy
  • Fun

Prerequisite for membership includes:

  • Resident of the Riverdale, GA area
  • Enrolled in local Middle/High School    
  • Ages12-18
  • Demonstration of good citizenship    
  • Interest in community service
  • Parental consent