911 Procedures

The City of Riverdale Police Department recognizes that the Citizens are an additional set of ears and eyes throughout the Riverdale Community. Your assistance in accurately reporting a crime in progress, suspicious activity or an accident is appreciated.

The following checklists will assist you in giving the 911 operator the most accurate and potentially life saving information possible.

The 911 operator may ask for you to hold on the line with them while they are directing the Police Officer to the incident location.

  • Stay calm and DO NOT hang up on the 911 operator
  • Do not allow children to play on the phone

Reporting a crime in progress, suspicious activity or an accident

Have the following detailed information ready to pass on to the 911 operator as it pertains to a crime in progress or suspicious activity (where, what, who, how):

  • Exact location of incident
  • Type of incident
  • Number of suspects
  • Whether they are armed or not
  • Is the crime still in progress
  • Direction of travel if fled the scene
  • If there are injuries
  • If children are involved

Description of suspects

Sex, race, age range, height, weight, hair color, hair cut, kind of clothing (include hats, coats, shoes), type of jewelry, eye color, voice (include accent, loud or soft, speech problem), unusual markings (include scars, moles, tattoos, birthmarks)

Description of vehicles

License tag number, state, make (Ford, Honda, etc.), model (Taurus, Civic, etc.), color, year, body style (2 door, 4 door) and identifying features (decals, faded paint, dents, etc.)