Locating Your Precinct

Only Municipal Elections (elections in which the Offices of Mayor and/or Council and/or a city referendum is placed on the ballot.) are held at City Hall.

Please report to the precinct below for municipal general, special, and/or runoffs elections only:
City Hall Precinct
6690 Church Street
Riverdale, GA 30274

All other elections are administered through the Clayton County Board of Elections and Registration. During county/state/federal elections Riverdale residents are strongly encouraged to examine their voter registration cards prior to Election Day for precinct information. Close attention should be paid to the precinct name which can be found in the upper left hand corner of the voter registration card. If two (2) locations are listed on your cards, the precinct that you should report to is based on the type of election that is being conducted

Riverdale Precincts for County/State/Federal Elections

Oliver Elementary School1725 Cheryl Leigh DriveRiverdale 130296
RD02Lake Ridge Elementary School1300 Lake Ridge CircleRiverdale 230274
RD03Church Street Elem School7013 Church StreetRiverdale 330274
RD04Riverdale Elementary School6630 Camp StreetRiverdale 430274
RD05Riverdal Middle School400 Roberts DriveRiverdale 530274
RD06Tara Elementary School937 Mt Zion RoadRiverdale 630260
RD07Flint River Center6315 Garden Walk BlvdRiverdale 730274
RD08Riverdale Christian CH Gym1064 Bethsaida RoadRiverdale 830296
RD09Riverdale High School160 Roberts DriveRiverdale 930274
RD10Riverdale United Methodist6390 Riverdale RoadRiverdale 1030274
RD11Fountain of Faith MB Church6712 West Fayetteville RoadRiverdale 1130296
RD12New Macedonia Baptist Church7725 Hwy 85Riverdale 1230274