Mayor/Council Member Meeting Request

Mayor Dixon is pleased to support an 'open door' policy and readily meets with Riverdale citizens and stakeholders to discuss issues affecting our community. To schedule a meeting with the Mayor, submit your request to the Mayor's Office, either in writing, email or by fax. You may also complete the online form by clicking here. Please be sure to include the subject matter and/or issue you wish to discuss with the Mayor, names of individuals who will be attending the meeting, and a contact person with a relevant return address and/or telephone number.

The Mayor’s Office tracks, records and responds to many requests for meetings with the Mayor. Please note that the Mayor’s schedule is booked well in advance, so meetings may take up to one (1) month to schedule. You may also schedule appointments with your City Council representative by completing the online form.

Public Records Awareness

Information we receive may be considered public information which is subject to disclosure under O.C.G.A. Learn more about our Open Records Policy.