Triad is a national community policing initiative wherein, Law Enforcement professionals, Seniors and Community groups partner to meet the crime safety needs of seniors.

Triad is a concept of partnership. It is not an acronym; but a representation of a group of three: Law Enforcement, Seniors or Senior organizations and Communities.

Forming a Triad in a community has many benefits. Among them are some of the following;

  • Open communication between Public safety personnel and the Elderly.
  • Allow Seniors to voice their concerns about crime and safety.
  • Reduce senior isolation
  • Strengthen the ties among community groups

Our goal at the City of Riverdale Police Department, for our Triad seniors is to provide quality services and initiatives that impacts both within and outside the home.

For more information about the city of Riverdale’s Triad group please contact , June Harris 7709095404 /  or Officer Nakia Lewis.

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