History of the Riverdale Town Center

Feasibility Study

The City of Riverdale received a grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission through its Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program to conduct a "Town Center" feasibility study. The study was initiated in 2006 and completed in 2007.

The study was successful in assisting the City towards achieving the following:

  • Increasing the City’s ability to attract new business and economic development opportunities
  • Solving a number of the City’s current transportation concerns and identifying and securing valued resources
  • Identifying a physical location within the City to serve as the City’s new Downtown and "Town Center" project location

Town Center

The Riverdale Town Center opened in October 2010. It is located on a parcel, on Church Street, that spans over twenty seven acres. The project comprises the following components:

  • Government Civic Component (Riverdale Centre for the Arts, Business and Leisure Services, a new City Hall, and a Public Plaza/Amphitheater)
  • Mixed-Use Commercial Component
  • Residential Housing Component

View more information about future development at the Riverdale Town Center.