Earth Day

EARTH DAY 2021: Restore Our Earth

Earth Day is an annual reminder that we all have the power to make change to help restore our earth. Climate change paired with a global pandemic are our most evident reminders that Mother Earth needs us now more than ever. On the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, lets help Restore Our Earth and begin to reverse the damage we’ve caused by joining together to take action, before it’s too late. This year, KRB is encouraging those who will be most affected by this crisis, to participate by entering our Youth Earth Day Art Contest. Submit your artwork for a chance to win a special prize and recognition from KRB. Scroll down for more information!

Earth Day 2021
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Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. Plants need them to pollinate, other species rely on pollination as a means of survival, including various animals, insects and birds. The widespread use of pesticides and GMO's, as well as climate change and loss of habitat have caused long term damage to the bees. Over the past 10 years, beekeepers have reported annual hive losses of 30% or higher. One in four Wild Bee species in the United States is at risk of extension. We must be proactive in our collective efforts to #SaveTheBees. Join the Keep Riverdale Beautiful Honey Bee Hive by visiting our Homepage and completing our KRB Volunteer Application. Be sure to include your interest in becoming a member of the H.B.H. (Honey Bee Hive).