A Message from The Fire Chief

Albert S. Wright

Riverdale Fire Services (RFS) has embarked upon a process that will lead the department to new heights in achievement. We are making significant investments into a process of building greatness in our department members. The purpose of this investment is to develop a higher level of leadership ability, to empower all of our personnel and to build and maintain a culture of professionalism within the organization.

As Fire Chief, I am committed to strengthening and developing every critical area that will enhance member performance and increase department morale. Our primary focus for managing the department is those competencies outlined in the National Fire Protection Association, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications (NFPA 1021). Other focus areas for preparedness and sustainability include preparing the organization to meet and exceed requirements for Insurance Services Office (ISO) inspections. Community Risk Reduction and succession planning that addresses attrition, retention, and performance improvement. We will use a targeted approach to success by the adoption of and adherence to the United States Fire Administration (USFA) Professional Development Model.

Fire Officer Certifications

Fire Officer Certifications, as they apply to Riverdale Fire Services are as follows:

  • Fire Sergeant as Supervising Fire Officer - NPQ Fire Officer 1
  • Fire Lieutenant as Managing Fire Officer - NPQ Fire Officer 2
  • Fire Battalion Chief as Administrative Fire Officer - NPQ Fire Officer 3
  • Fire Chief as Executive Fire Officer - NPQ Fire Officer 4