2023 - 2033 Comprehensive Plan

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Find the link to the full comprehensive plan below:

Riverdale Reimagined 2033-2033

The City of Riverdale, in partnership with the Sizemore Group consultant team, has drafted a new Comprehensive Plan – “Riverdale Reimagined 2023-2033. See the new Comprehensive Plan in the link above!

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a document in which the residents, business owners, and elected officials guide the direction of growth and development in the City. What do you want to see, where will it be located, what resources does the city have and what the best process is to use the resources to make the city a better place to live, work and play.

110-12-1-.01 of The Georgia Planning Act requires that communities maintain comprehensive plans that help shape future growth. Comprehensive Plans ensure that future development will occur where, when, and how the community and local government wants.

What is the Comprehensive Planning Process?

In the comprehensive planning process, local cities, counties, and jurisdictions satisfy several requirements by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, including an intensive analysis process and robust public engagement to recognize each community’s physical, economic, social, and political factors.

Comprehensive plans typically include a long-range scope (at least 20 years) and provide the guiding principles for a community’s growth and development. All Georgia cities and counties must update their plans every five years, either as an update or a complete rewrite.

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What are the benefits of a Comprehensive Plan? 

There are several benefits to the entire community that result from the planning process:

  • Quality of life is maintained and improved.

  • There is a shared vision for the future of the community.

  • Private property rights are protected, including residents.

  • Economic development is encouraged and supported.

  • There is more certainty about where development will occur, what it will be like when it happens, and how the community will meet              development costs.

This process allows community residents to interact with planning experts, City and County staff and elected officials to discuss land development, transportation and economic development goals and objectives.

What is required to be in a Comp Plan?

1. Community Goals

2. Needs and Opportunities

3. Community Work Program

4. Broadband Services Element

5. Capital Improvements Element

6. Economic Development Element

7. Land Use Element

8. Transportation Element

9. Housing Element

DCA oversees the Comprehensive Plan process. For further detail visit their website: DCA Comprehensive Plan Requirements.

What is QLG Status?

Georgia incentivizes cities and counties with DCA-approved comprehensive plans access to a package of financial resources called Qualified Local Government (QLG) status. QLG status allows communities to be eligible for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), water and sewer loans from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), economic development funding from the OneGeorgia Authority, and a variety of other programs from DCA and partner agencies.